Renovation San Grato Restaurant, Carona


  • Place: Carona
  • Type: Renovation
  • Size: 400 mq
  • Customer: Ente Turistico del Luganese

The new San Grato restaurant retains the charm of the place in which it stands.
The pink porphyry entrance from Ceresio recalls the materials found in the area of ​​Carona.
The interior is now modern and minimal.
Tiles of different and large sizes characterize the living room and the private room for events. The existing arches have been retained but the pillars they rest on have been clad in walnut and illuminated to create depth. The walls are made rough by the Brenta lime, antique mirrors are provided in the area of ​​the benches, the windows are new and in micaceous aluminum, the tables are also in walnut in two different colors.
A new lighting concept with recessed LEDs, scenographic lamps and new technologies gives light to the spaces, music boxes are present in both rooms and in the back room also the predisposition for television for sporting / private events.
The bar area is in raw iron wood and black glass, while the back wall of the living room takes up the rustic style, with electro-welded and painted construction site nets, shelves and cubes in backlit walnut, with wine display function.
Refined but warm and familiar, with industrial touches as per the trend of recent years, with attention to detail and finishes.
The kitchen is spacious and partially visible from the entrance through a large window, and takes up the original checkered appearance in the flooring, while the 3 white walls and the fourth black give it a modern character.
On the back large work spaces, washing areas, cold rooms, beverage and material storage areas.
An electric sliding glass door with elbow control separates the kitchen from the living room.
Access for employees and suppliers is on the back. There are also changing rooms and a bathroom with shower. The access ladder at the rear has recently been extended to make it easier to supply food and drinks.
The terrace seats 80 and is covered by two large awnings in soft colors in harmony with the interior, which instead has 60 seats.
The space lends itself to a very large clientele.