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GADUS - Gli Amici di Utange Svizzera

In March 2016, a group of volunteers conducted a humanitarian trip to Utange, Kenya. Not being located directly on the coast, the community of Utange does not benefit from the slightest economic impact of tourism. This community of 1500 inhabitants lives in hardship and the association Gli Amici di Utange - Switzerland, now called GADUS, was created on June 21st, 2016 to help them better their situation. GADUS aims to offer the community of Utange continuous support for education and instruction enabling the current 240 children a school cycle and access to higher education for their most deserving students. In order to guarantee basic health care for the entire community of Utange, a recently inaugurated clinic, favoring emerging entrepreneurial activities and financial independence, will be facilitated through micro credit. By limiting our focus to these two elements, the school and the clinic, GLADUS intends to allow the community of Utange to evolve towards an independence and well being built on site rather than looking elsewhere.

We are convinced that fighting ignorance and supporting education and instruction will help populations residing in emerging countries detach themselves from dependence on the future support of others and help them gain their own economic independence and social autonomy.

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LIFOG development programme:

The aim of this programme is to enhance and encourage the community to engage in development projects. Thus the programme deals with the following activities:

  • LIFOG Bank (LB), where a savings and credit society operates for the benefit of the whole community.
  • Live Small Scale Farming (LSSF), where members and the community get education and information on all types of farming activities such as agriculture, livestock and fish farming. Rains at the Coast Province are always unpredictable throughout the year. LIFOG now facilitates for the provision to the local community, a permanent source of clean water, BOREHOLES here taking the centre stage. Water obtained is used for many different purposes such as maintaining proper sanitation, in domestic purposes etc, apart from making the LSSF activity a success.
  • Life and Health (LaH), where information and all general health care services are offered.
  • Living Education (LE), where civic education on many other issues is offered as well as formal education and sponsorship for orphans and the underprivileged children of the society.
  • Fountain Business Enterprise (FBE). Here, information on small-scale business entrepreneurship is obtained LIFOG itself demonstrating to act as a role model.
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