Banca Raiffeisen, Lugano


  • Place: Lugano
  • Type: Renovation
  • Size: --
  • Customer: Private

JPA Antorini Architetti was called to give a modern face and image to the Raiffeisen Bank of Lugano.
The project consists in the replacement of the windows, the construction of an external rigid insulation to protect the masonry part of the building, the reorganization of the systems and interior spaces.
After removing the existing one, a new facade will wrap the third to sixth floors, characterized by high quality and thermal efficiency. The windows on the ground floor and on the first floor will be replaced for greater visibility and natural lighting.
An openspace setting has been adopted for the collaborators floors to facilitate interaction without architectural barriers.
This solution also made it possible to reorganize the area open to the public.
It will be different for the management offices and the meeting rooms: sliding and / or semi-transparent closures can, if necessary, modulate the surfaces according to needs. From here you can see "the eye", one of the strengths of the project: it is a glass cube placed on two floors that allows you to have a unique view of the city, guaranteeing visibility from the top of the building, creating a strong link between inside and outside.
The back of the building will be enhanced with a green wall and also the various terraces along via Pretorio will have plants and bushes. In this way the building stands out from the context, respecting the maximum sustainability objectives required by the Raiffeisen bank.
An eco-sustainable research that also affects the sector of human activities, proposing an innovative interface system between bank, customer and technological evolution. For solar protection, a static system of vertical slats was chosen to cover the entire building development.