Private Villa, Morbio


  • Place: Morbio Inferiore
  • Type: One family house - new building
  • Size: 120 mq
  • Customer: Private customer

One-family 120 m2 villa developed on a single floor, studied especially to welcome the customer.
Courtyard architecture creates introspection and privacy.
The C-shaped construction faces a natural rock wall in the background, which becomes an integral part of the project.
This way, the courtyard becomes the recreational core of the household; inside, a Jacuzzi - a modern translation of the traditional chimney- is installed.
Medium-high-ranged finishes are enriched with materials like dark duratex floor, which contrasts white indoor walls, with the anthracite shade of the outer coating along with the use of wood as pavement. Masterpieces, chosen by customers, enhance the environments.
The strength of this project is a moderate budget and its implementation in only six months.