Private House, Torricella


  • Place: Torricella - Taverne
  • Type: Family house renovation and enlargement
  • Size: 200 mq
  • Customer: Private customer

A two-story 200 m2 family house located north of Lugano in the Torricella municipality.
The integration in the ground has been considered in order to avoid problems linked to possible noise coming from a very busy street in the immediate area. The decision to integrate the entire volume of one level has allowed to create a comfortable entry, which, added to the dimension of the glass windows and the height of the rooms, has permitted to have the right balance between brightness and privacy, focussing on the view of the surrounding panorama.
The double height volume of the entry is highlighted by the brightness of the big glass window and by a bent metal sheet staircase fixed at a wall, which hides the entire height of the rooms’ doors and a wall closet, and which works as a parapet for the first floor.
The diversity of the materials creates a modern and cozy environment thanks to the combination of wood and cement, the use of corten steel and the warm shades of the outer coating and of the interior fittings.
The house was built with the aim of saving costs, but looking at the architectural and material quality. So, a good investment for research has been made in order to choose artisans able to satisfy the requests of the customer.