Private house, Coldrerio


  • Place: Coldrerio CH
  • Type: Family house renovation with expansion
  • Size: 330 m2
  • Customer: Private customer

The existing house was a traditional house with peaked roof and face brick cladding, designed according to good architectural standards that are now outdated. This led the customer to plan internal renovation and expansion works, with the addition of an outdoor swimming pool.
The only condition attached by the customer was to be able to continue living in the house during the works. This required a project to be developed by steps ensuring continuity of works while transforming the old layout with many small rooms into a large open space area.
The new wing contains entrance, a study and the kitchen; it is characterized by a fully glazed facade with teak wood blades whose design follows the sun course to ensure adequate internal lighting.
The outdoor swimming pool is covered with stone typical of the Maggia Valley intentionally recalling the color of alpine lakes.