Private house, Bigorio


  • Place: Bigorio CH
  • Type: New building – family house
  • Size: 290 m2
  • Customer: Private customer

This house is literally a pair of binoculars oriented to the valley of Lugano and the plane of Vedeggio.
The land, despite its privileged position, represented a major constraint due to its morphological characteristics and the presence of adjacent buildings, but at the same time it was the strength of this project.
The volume follows harmoniously the hilly land and its elongated shape, offering the main front to its short size facing South.
It is a two-story house with access on the first floor, at street level, where the sleeping area is found. A design staircase made of iron and glass leads to the living area on the ground floor and together with the inner courtyard convey natural light to the center of the house.
The interiors are modern, extremely minimal both for forms and materials; anthracite resin floors, cement top, recessed wall doors, suspended fireplace, wall cabinets.
The façade is a combination of traditional materials: finished concrete structure with wooden coating. A panoramic terrace with swimming pool in finished concrete completes the unit.