Prefabricated house, Origlio


  • Place: Origlio
  • Type: Renovation
  • Size: 160 mq
  • Customer: Private

Single-family house located in Origlio on two levels.
At street level the living area, a bedroom and a bathroom, a garage, the technical room, the garden with a large pergola and a parking area for cars.
On the first floor the sleeping area with bedrooms, bathroom and dressing room. The dormer windows offer views of the surrounding mountains and bring a warm light into the rooms, thanks to the exposed wood of the ceilings.
This is a refurbishment of an existing building and prefabricated wooden elevation, with the addition of steel and glass bow windows.
Materials were used such as resin on the floors, exposed wood for the ceilings of the rooms, steel, and resin-coated concrete for the stairs. Large windows help to illuminate the interiors, with attention to the smallest details.