Casino of Lugano


  • Place: Lugano
  • Type: Casino
  • Size: Area of 1,700 m2
  • Customer: Casinò di Lugano SA

In 2014 the Casino of Lugano decided to face a new challenge with the most important and ambitious restyling ever made since the opening of the new gambling rooms in 2002. This project involved the entire structure with improvement of service quality and enlargement of the gambling area which now includes the former entrance hall. This led the Casino to stand out from the competition thanks to hospitality, quality and service flexibility.
The entire work was carried out in only 6 months, without closing the access to customers or interrupting any services.
The restyling involved not only the gambling area but also Coffee Shop and Restaurant services, now among the most popular and renowned in Lugano.
The renewal included also a general revamping of the existing plants which now boast the latest technology. Special attention was given to the lighting system, designed in collaboration with SPLD SA Stefano Dall’Osso to differentiate and characterize the various areas. Custom made devices with the latest LED technology have been installed to fit perfectly in such an elegant and exclusive environment and create various static and dynamic light plays.