Building, Melide


  • Place: Melide
  • Type: Renovation
  • Size: 540 mq
  • Customer: Private

Multi-family house on 5 levels in the municipality of Melide.
In the basement there is an apartment, made income by the property, the cellars and the technical and electrical rooms.
On the ground floor a second apartment and the part of parking spaces and access from the street. The covered parking spaces are perfectly integrated into the building, a metal "skin" almost entirely covers this level and its shape echoes that of the resin slats, a recurring motif of all four facades. An oriented curtain that allows the light to pass but at the same time creates the privacy necessary for the peaceful conduct of private activities inside the building.
First floor entirely dedicated to primary residence and the same goes for the duplex on the last two levels.
An internal lift serves all levels and enters the house on the top two floors. The stairwell and the common staircase play a very important role. From the outside, the area is recognizable by the large window masked by the resin and metal slats, during the evening it becomes a sort of lamp. Within this space, the choice of materials such as concrete, burnished iron for the railing, white walls, windows with anthracite-colored frames, helps to give an industrial but well-finished look to this area, in strong but harmonious contrast with the interior of the apartments, very modern and cared for in European walnut and top quality tiles.
Large covered terraces create an extra day area on each floor, usable for most of the year. On the top floor, a terrace of almost 70 square meters overlooking Lake Ceresio, with shading, jacuzzi and glass railings, becomes the master of the scene.
An internal garden is visible from the top and the penultimate floor.
Architectural and detail quality, cost control and compliance with deadlines are among the fundamental aspects of this project as well.
The construction application was made in January 2018 and the delivery of the entire building, including the demolition of the existing villa and the excavation, in June 2019.